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On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 13th Korea-Japan Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics and Safety Symposium (NTHAS13), it is my great honor to welcome you to the Hotel Naru Seoul - MGallery, KOREA. I would like to express my sincere appreciation and respect for the extraordinary efforts and dedication of the committee members of Korea and Japan in organizing NTHAS13.

This symposium has been held biennially in Korea and Japan alternately for more than 20 years since the first symposium in Pusan, Korea in 1998 by the Thermal Hydraulics Division of AESJ and KNS in Korea and Japan except the corvid pandemic period. The conferences have been very successful in terms of quality of technology and number of participants, providing a unique opportunity to discuss the latest technical information from Korea and Japan as well as to interact with colleagues from neighboring countries.

This symposium has contributed many. It provided opportunities to have face-to-face meetings between the two countries to share sincere and frank research interests. It drew young generations to come and encouraged them to start professional careers. Obviously, it helped to enhance the safety of nuclear facilities of both countries by sharing information and knowledge.

Above all, I believe that the NTHAS has greatly contributed to the friendship among the experts from Korea and Japan. The symposium had been held in the spirit of serving each other, providing opportunities to meet and understand each other, and sharing the state-of-the art knowledge.


In organizing this year's NTHAS-13 in Korea, I felt a heavy responsibility to keep the spirits of the symposium. In the final decision to hold the venue in Seoul, Korea and in the preparation of the detailed program to keep the spirits and to fit the environment, I and all the engaged staffs made huge efforts.

I hope that the presentations and discussions at this conference, as well as the exchanges inside and outside the symposium, will provide an opportunity for further development of future exchanges between Korea and Japan. I am sincerely pleased to welcome all to enjoy and enhance our long-standing friendship at this symposium. I would like to thank once again for your participation.

General Chair, NTHAS13


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